The Aircraft

Sukhoi 26M

With 400 HP and weighing 700 kilos, this is the best aerobatic aircraft in the world. Twenty years after its first flight, it still reigns supreme. It has more power and traction than its peers, but dominating it can be challenging. Few manage to tame the beast, but for those who do, the result is incomparable.


Extra 300 LP

It is one of the few certified planes that competes in the top category. Reliable, precise and easy to pilot, it is one of the best airplanes for teaching.


Antonov AN2
Although not an aerobatic aircraft, it is the most famous Soviet cargo airplane in existence. It makes an impact on everyone who sees it and is available for filming, advertising and airshows.

PZL 101 Gawron
Not an aerobatic aircraft, but great in slow flight and short take offs and landings. It is available for filming, advertising, airshows and sporting events.
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