Unlimited Aerobatics has a dedicated team to bring you the magic of aerobatics. Various specialists in design, engineering, media and AV production all work alongside Cástor.

Cástor is the current European and Spanish Overall Champion, title he has won five times. He is a member of the Spanish National Team since 1999 achieving 16 medals in World and European Category FAI Competitions.

He is also an Aerobatic Instructor, member of the Bravo 3 - Repsol Formation Team. An agro pilot, with extensive fire-fighting experience, Cástor is an aeronautical engineer and flies Boeing 737s, 757s and 767s


His most recent sporting achievements include:


Bronze Medal. World Championship FAI WAC 2015, (FRA)
Bronze Medal. Freestyle World Championship FAI WAC 2015, (FRA)
Silver Medal, Free Program. World Championship FAI WAC 2015, (FRA)
Overall Spanish Champion (ESP)

FAI EAC's European Overall Champion (Matko, HUN)
Gold Medal, Known Program. FAI EAC. (Matko, HUN)
Gold Medal, First Unknown program. FAI EAC. (Matko, HUN)
Bronze Medal, 2nd Unknown program. FAI EAC.(Matko, HUN)
Bronze Medal, Free Program, FAI EAC. (Matko, HUN)
Bronze Medal by Team, FAI EAC. (Matko, HUN)
Overall Spanish Champion (ESP)

Overall Spanish Champion (ESP)

Champion - FAI Desert Challenge, (Al Ain, ARE)
Overall Spanish Champion (ESP)
2nd (HC) Campeonato del Mundo de Freestyle, (Foigno ITA)
4th (HC) Classical Aerobatics World Championship, (Foligno ITA)
2nd - FAI China Challenge, (Laiwu CHN)

3rd Team H/C European Championship, (Touzim, CHC)
3rd - FAI China Challenge, (Laiwu, CHN)
3rd - Al Ain Aerobatic Airshow - (Al Ain, ARE)
7th H/C European Championship, (Touzim, CHC)

Overall Spanish Champion (ESP)
Champion - FAI WEAF (Constanza, ROU)
Champion - Copa Triangular. (ESP)
Bronze Medal - China Aerobatic Challenge, (CHN)

Bronze Team Medal, European Championship (Hradec, CHC)
Fourth position, Male Category, World Championship (Hradec, CHC)
Silver Medal European Freestyle, European Championship (Hradec, CHC) Silver Medal FAI Grand Prix (Motegi, JPN)

1st - Q Programme, World Championship (Granada, ESP)
4th - Male Category, World Championship (Granada, ESP)
Silver Team Medal, World Championship (Granada, ESP)

Overall Champion, Copa Triangular de Vuelo Acrobático ESP
Gold Medal. 2nd Unknown program. FAI EAC (Grenchen CHE)
Silver Medal by Team. FAI EAC. (Grenchen CHE)

Flyer Award in recognition of his sporting career.



Alejandra Moore Mayorga:
Team Manager. Co-founder - Unlimited Aerobatics.


Nikolai Nikitiuk
Member of the former URSS and Russian Aerobatic Team. Three times European Champion. URSS Champion. Trainer of the Russian Aerobatic Glider Team. Trainer of the Spanish team. A reference in Aerobatic history.


Javier Marquerie: Medios
Media Director, Javier is an aviation specialist, and a Founding Member and Director of the Copa Triangular.


Vytas Lapenas: The Master
Without him, nothing would have been possible – he came, he taught us how to understand life and aerobatics, and he left us.
You are missed.


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